You love Paris and photography but can no longer stand clichés.

You are looking for a unique picture: of your building a 100 years ago? Of the very streetcar where your grandparents first met? of the frozen river during the Metro construction works? Of the Jardin des Plantes' bear wading in grey water during the 1910 Great Flood? A portrait of Piaf with her accordion? Or maybe you would prefer something simpler, such as the Eiffel Tower under construction, a thoughtful gargoyle from Notre-Dame or the Seine photographed by Atget, Marville, René-Jacques or by an anonymous photographic studio operator under the Second Empire.

Discover the photographic collections of the City of Paris with Paris en Images. Our website offers free access to a large baskets images from the Roger-Viollet archive and partners, as well as the collections of the City of Paris' museum and libraries.

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