Frequently asked questions

Why should I create an account on Paris en Images?

Having an account on Paris en Images enables you to use features only available while connected:
- Order prints
- Make several selections/baskets and save them to look at later or share online
- Send us your remarks, corrections or additional info about an image
- Be the first informed of our special events (provided you allow us to email you information of course)

May I publish some images of Paris en Images on my website, my blog or on social media?

Yes, if this is a personal (e.g. not linked to a company, an institution or a media outlet), strictly non-commercial website or blog.
The photo credit must accompany each reproduction or representation of the photographic images and the metadata attached to the digital files may not be deleted. And a link to our website is always appreciated but not mandatory!
Users undertake not to delete the metadata attached to the images and stored in the digital files.
Should you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to write us at

May I use some images of Paris en Images in my profession?

Paris en Images is for private use only.
Our digital images as well as our prints are for personal / private use only, excluding all rights of public use or use for commercial purposes such as using the prints for exhibitions or for decoration of a store, a hotel or other public spaces, publications, etc.
Any such use requires prior authorization by Parisienne de Photographie - Roger-Viollet and as the case may be, payment of applicable fees.
The Roger-Viollet photographic agency is in charge of the reproduction rights of our images and may be contacted by email: or via its website:

Is the logo "Paris en Images" visible on the prints?

The watermark is only visible on the digital images, it doesn’t appear in the prints.

My baskets (selections)

You can select your favorite images by clicking on the small red folder icon “Add to current basket”.
On the red banner at the bottom of the screen, click on the “Basket” button to unfold it and display the selected images. As soon as there are images in the basket, small buttons useful for the basket appear on the right of this red banner (Mosaic display, Links to share, Empty, Save, Order…).
To fold up the basket, click again on the basket button of the red banner.
If you are registered and connected, you can constitute several baskets, and name each one by clicking on the small disk icon “Save” or “Rename”.
To view all your baskets, click on the small triangle on the left of the red banner: it is a pull-down menu in which you can choose the selection you want to finalize, or whose contents you want to display. You will find the selections of your previous visit on our website.
(Also in “My account” menu at the upper right of the screen: you can view all your baskets on a new page, each basket shows the last selected image first).

Single order or multiple order

(You just need to create your account to be able to order, your id will be your email address)
For a single order, in an image click on the cart icon (Single order).
If you have selected several images (red folder icon “Add to current basket”), you will find them in your basket on the red banner of the bottom of the screen (click on the “Basket” button).
To order your basket, click on its cart icon located on the right of this red banner.
You will then choose dimensions, quantities and finishing for each print, then you will be guided until your order is complete.

What will my print look like?

Our chromogenic prints (analog process from a digital file) on Satin Endura Premier N Kodak paper, are made using high-resolution digital reproductions of the original glassplates, film negatives or vintage prints from our photographic collections.
Some prints may have small defects as a result of the alterations of the originals. We usually do not erase them digitally, as the traces of time are also part of their history. What you see is what you get: each print reproduces the image in the state in which it is visible on the screen.
A white border is automatically added around the image, its size may vary according to the photograph you have chosen. Note: if it already includes a border, a second one will be added.
Find more information on our finishings in “Buy a print” section.